Treatment AreasAt the Center for Vision & Learning, we provide vision care for adults and children in Southwest Florida. Please learn more about our approach to vision care by reviewing our treatment areas.

Convergence Insufficiency & Eye Teaming Problems

Infants learn to use both eyes together and this skill develops throughout one’s life. While the majority of people learn efficient and accurate eye teamwork naturally, some people have conditions that interfere with eye teaming development and thus require therapeutic intervention. Convergence insufficiency alone affects 20 million Americans. Efficient eye teamwork is necessary to acquire visual information so that it can be processed quickly and accurately without much effort. Eye teaming dysfunctions can cause inaccurate depth perception, poor eye-hand coordination, and female optometrist with elderly patientslowed visual information processing. As a result, eye teaming disorders can affect your quality of life, ability to concentrate and learn, and ability to play sports.

Learning & Reading Problems

Experts estimate that over 80% of what a child learns in school is acquired through the visual system. Learning-related vision problems are those where a vision condition interferes with a child’s ability to read and learn, which results in performances below optimal potential in and out of the classroom. Reading is a complex process that involves an intimate relationship between eye teaming, eye focusing, eye tracking, and additional visual skills. In fact, there are 17 visual skills necessary for reading and learning. To the degree that any one of these skills is deficient the individual may have difficulty reading. Since learning-related vision problems can mimic learning disabilities, many children are misdiagnosed as “learning disabled” when they in fact have a correctable vision problem.

Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)

Amblyopia is a developmental delay of the communication and teamwork of the two eyes. It is a syndrome that causes problems with eye teaming, eye focusing, eye movements, eye-hand coordination, visual information processing, etc. . There is a common misconception that lazy eye cannot be treated after a certain point in the neurological development, which usually occurs around the age of 7. This has been disproven through research of neuroscience. We offer evidence-based optometric vision therapy as treatment. Therapeutic cures have a higher success rate than glasses or patching alone. While earlier treatment is better, improvement is possible at any age. Let us help you.

Strabismus (Eye Turn)

Strabismus — or crossed or turned eyes — can be difficult to cope with for adults and children. We offer help and hope for individuals of all ages with an eye turn. We offer noninvasive therapy to help your eye turn. Optometric vision therapy is a more successful way to treat strabismus than simply surgery or glasses alone. Come in for an evaluation to learn more about how we can treat strabismus.

Computer Vision Syndrome

Excessive computer usage puts your eyes under a great deal of strain. Symptoms include blurred vision, headaches, muscle tension, eye strain, and fatigue. We can help reduce eye strain associated with computer use, relieve visual stress and strain, and discuss ergonomic improvements to help you stay healthy year round.

Concussion & Brain Injury

Head trauma, such as a concussion or a brain injury, can leave you with lingering vision problems, from double vision to blurry vision. We can alleviate these worrisome symptoms and provide rehabilitation after a brain injury to restore functional vision.

Sports Enhancement

As an athlete, you deserve clear vision and excellent coordination skills. Let us help by providing vision services to improve your eye teaming, eye tracking, awareness of visual stimuli, and peripheral vision. Whether you play sports at the professional or recreational level, we can help you play your best game.

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