Center for Vision & Learning Services

ServicesHere at the Center for Vision & Learning in Naples, Florida, we recognize that a wide range of vision disorders can have a serious negative impact on your child’s cognitive and visual development. Since the eye and brain work in concert to turn visual signals into meaningful images and symbols, it is absolutely crucial that we identify and address learning-related vision problems at the earliest age possible. Even in adult life, vision problems can make work, reading, driving and other essential tasks difficult or impossible. That’s why we provide a wide range of services and treatment methods as part of our mission to help Naples residents get the most of out of life through optimal vision.

Services we provide at the Center for Vision & Learning in Naples:

eye exam in naplesVisual Information Acquisition Evaluations – Both children and adults benefit from annual eye exams and vision testing to ensure good health and proper function of their visual pathways. It is estimated that 1 in 4 children have an unidentified vision problem that interferes with reading and learning. If left undetected, children with vision problems grow up to become adults with vision problems.

Visual Information Processing Evaluations – Good vision requires more than proper eye function; it also involves the brain’s ability to interpret the images it receives. We can perform sophisticated visual information processing tests to evaluate visual analysis, visual memory, visual-motor coordination, spatial perception, and other essentials.

Optometric Vision Therapy – Highly-researched activities, supported by neuroscience, improve the accuracy and efficiency of eye-brain connections through novelty and repetition. We can diagnose and treatment conditions such as:

  • Binocular vision disorder: Problems with eye teaming and coordination, such as convergence insufficiency, that make it impossible to view clear images
  • Amblyopia (“lazy eye”): A neurological condition in which one eye exhibits weaker performance than the other, resulting from unequal binocular vision
  • Strabismus (“Crossed or misaligned eyes”): Rarely a “muscle-only” problem, eye turns often result from the brain having difficulty marrying the images of both eyes
  • Computer vision syndrome: Eye strain, fatigue and discomfort caused by long hours of staring at a computer screen without proper vision correction or protection
  • Brain injuries or neurological diseases: Conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, stroke, concussions, whiplash, MS or cerebral palsy that can create a variety of vision problems
  • Sports enhancement: The treatment of vision disorders that contribute to problems with hand-to-eye coordination, an essential skill for many athletic endeavors

From Strabismus in Infants to Computer Vision in Adults

The Center for Vision & Learning can help you and your loved ones maintain proper visual development. Contact our office today for an initial consultation so we can help every member of your family see, learn, and experience the world more clearly and comfortably!