B&L PeroxiClear Recall

B&L PeroxiClear RecallBausch & Lomb has issued a voluntary recall of their PeroxiClear 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaning & Disinfecting Solution. This product is approved for our Orthokeratology and soft contact lens patients.

They are conducting the recall because residual peroxide remains in the lens case after it is supposed to be clean and neutralized.

If residual hydrogen peroxide remains, a patient of the product could experience temporary burning/stinging, irritation, and red eye(s). In rare instances, other more serious health consequences may occur.

For more information regarding the recall, click here.


For our Orthokeratology patients, we recommend Menicon Unique pH or Alcon Clear Care. Clear Care is also approved for our patients who wear soft contact lenses. Unique pH is available online here and Clear Care is available in stores.