“Best investment for our child’s development”

Amazing! Where do I begin? We had (emphasis on the past tense) a child who had trouble reading, but we didn’t want to “label” or have a Dr. prescribe any medication. We had heard about vision therapy, called Dr Walsh, watched some videos on his website and decided to have our child evaluated. We began the journey of vision therapy and saw Dr Walsh once a week for 40 weeks from August-June. The improvement and development of child’s eyes were dramatic and significant WOW! In addition, the encouragement along the way boosted our child’s self esteem and confidence. Now our child: reads so much better (thank God), focuses, uses better language, and even is more responsible. Completing therapy with Dr Walsh was the best investment for our child’s development. He is patient, detailed and tailors every therapy session for your child. All this with no Rx drugs, just commitment and dedication. It’s more than just vision therapy! It’s developing the brain as it processes things with the eyes and speech! You won’t be disappointed.

– Patient’s mother

Passing 2nd grade

LIFE CHANGING!!! Our son is 7 years old. From the outside he appeared to be a confidant, friendly and fun loving boy who looked forward to a bedtime story every single night. As we went through kindergarten, a tutor over the summer and began 1st grade, there was still this unexplainable struggle with reading and writing. We had him evaluated in Orlando by the same Doctor that diagnosed my nephew with convergence insufficiency. I called a Doctor in Ft. Myers and Dr. Walsh. From the moment we spoke 8 months ago, I knew he was the precise person to help our family. Living in Punta Gorda and driving an addition 30 miles ever week for 9 months is the best decision we ever made. Dr. Walsh is the most patient, knowledgable, caring and dedicated person to his patients and his families. Every session is completely tailored to the individual needs of your child. We have gone beyond VT (in my opinion) and have addressed so many additional underlying conditions that are all some how integrated into the overall visual components. We are moving onto second grade now. I am almost 100% positive he would have been retained in first, had it not been for Dr. Walsh.

– Mother of patient (7)

First eye exam

So thankful for Dr. Walsh! My son is 3 and Dr Walsh was so patient and loving with him. He made him feel completely comfortable during the very thorough exam.

Harper has had glasses for about 2 weeks and we have already seen huge results! He is more patient, more engaged, and more interested in things he normally would not like doing- like coloring.

I’m so glad we found Dr. Walsh and the Center for Vision and Learning! I am so grateful for how they are helping our son!

– Mother of patient (3)

“I never would have known there was an eye issue”

[SP]’s initial complaint was blurry vision when reading. That one issue prompted me to seek eye care, although she sees an eye doctor every other year and had no other complaints. I did notice however that she would skip words or drop the endings on certain words but didn’t really notice this to be a problem until we had our consult. [SP] was never diagnosed with any issues but dyslexia was something that I thought she may have. [SP] saw both an eye care professional and her pediatrician and was considered fine with her vision. [SP] was seen by an optometrist who checked her eyes and confirmed her vision was fine and 20/20. She referred me to your office.

[SP] was never behind in school but her reading levels have greatly improved. She jumped several reading levels from the beginning of 4th grade until the end of the school year. In reading, she went from a B to an A grade as well as writing (B to A). She ended the school year with mostly A grades. We started Vision Therapy in January and all of her grades improved in the 3rd & 4th semesters.

[SP] is now a more confident reader and her grades have improved. She enjoys reading and does not complain when it is time to read. I feel she is much less frustrated and enjoys both reading out-loud and to herself. She will not hesitate to read which was something she used to do. [SP] was sometimes shy or reluctant to stick with something like lacrosse or reading or a board game. She now has this confidence and assertiveness where she knows she can handle the task and actually be good at it.

I am so grateful for meeting you and that you were able to help her. I never would have known there was an eye issue and that a 20/20 vision test is not a sufficient eye exam. This process should be standard for all. In addition, Dr. Walsh is very knowledgeable and explains the process for both myself and my daughter in ways we can understand. He made the therapy fun and engaging. He is so good with children (and parents) and just an all-around kind person who cares about any difficulties one can be having whether big or small.

– Mother of SP

8 year old loves going to vision therapy

We are so grateful for Dr. Walsh and vision therapy! Words cannot express how happy we are to see our daughter blossom and grow! She has worked so hard and loves going to therapy! She is actually sad for it to be over and says she is going to miss Dr. Walsh every week. Each week was fun for her in therapy and doing her homework, too. I am so thankful we did vision therapy as it has been life changing for our daughter and will benefit her forever.

– Mother of patient (8)

Medical doctor with eye pain/strain during near work

My life consists of an abundance of near tasks when it comes to work (reading, computer use, etc.). My eyes, before vision therapy, were constantly strained, painful, and at times made me nauseous. I had tried many eyeglass prescription changes, eye drops, computer screen dimmers, etc. I had been to several ophthalmologists and optometrists to figure out why I had constant eye pain and eye fatigue. After over a year with many prescriptions changes, I found an optometrist who gave me prism lenses, which finally eased my eye pain temporarily. However, I was still not give a formal diagnosis of my eye pain. I heard about Dr. Walsh and his services from a local optical in Naples. I immediately booked an evaluation and hoped it would be a solution to my continuing problem.

After vision therapy, my eye pain, eye strain, nausea, and motion sickness have all been eliminated. I have had tremendous improvement in my work/reading stamina. I have decreased frequency with migraine headaches. My eyes no longer have pain and my daily work/life functioning has improved significantly.

Dr. Walsh is a very educated, proactive, and kind developmental optometrist. I would recommend vision therapy to anyone who struggles with their vision on a daily basis. I know many patients will benefit from his array of vision therapy treatments.

– Dr. C